Militaria Auktion (antike Feuerwaffen & spitze Waffen)

Alain Dilmen

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Alain Dilmen

Experte Automaten / Militaria & Antike Waffen

Alain Dilmen

I knew very early on that there was a trade in antique weapons.

  • Extensive trade experience
  • A collector of antique weapons himself
  • Diploma in weapons and ammunition

Alain Dilmen enjoyed going to the firing range. He was particularly interested in the precision and technique of the weapons. He read a lot about it, and Alain knew very early on that there was a trade in antique weapons. In fact he set up his own flourishing trade in antique weapons and militaria before the age of 20. He acquired extensive knowledge about the market and a large network through this. Both come into play at Catawiki.

Together with his colleagues, Alain puts together a new militaria auction every week, where he mainly deals with antique weapons. It’s not always easy, given the ever-changing regulatory requirements imposed on antique weapons. If all the paperwork is in order, Alain knows precisely what to look at to determine the value. If something comes up that he is not sure about, he consults his extensive network. He would personally like to come across a well-maintained 19th-century Colt revolver, which we all recognise from the old spaghetti westerns. He also thinks that a beautiful blunderbuss would be of interest to many collectors at the auction.

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150. Weyersberg & Co. Solingen - Prussian hunting dagger / cutlass and skinner knife in sheath - 19th century

Schätzung des Experten: 390 $ - 510 $ 350 € - 455 € 300 £ - 390 £

In good condition- deer horn handle, leather sheath, beautiful etching on the blade: "gott mit uns" Lesen Sie mehr

Feedback-Punktebewertung: 98,7% (799 Bewertungen)

$ 292 € 260 £ 223
Gebotsabgabe in Endet in Los beendet
Objekt endet am: 2016/09/30 21:40:20

196. Toller Vorderlader, Kolben. SPANIEN.

Schätzung des Experten: 730 $ - 950 $ 650 € - 845 € 560 £ - 730 £

Excellent conservation, with golden coats of arms on the chamber, and “EN EIBAR POR JOSE ARANGUREN AÑO 1860.” (IN EIBAR BY JOSE ARANGUREN YEAR 1860.), inlaid in silver. Lesen Sie mehr

Feedback-Punktebewertung: 85,7% (23 Bewertungen)

$ 179 € 160 £ 137
Gebotsabgabe in Endet in Los beendet
Objekt endet am: 2016/09/30 22:11:00

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