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  4. Set of a Brooch with natural yellow amber & earrings. Not pressed, not modified, set in 925 silver hand-made 9.80 gram

Set of a Brooch with natural yellow amber & earrings. Not pressed, not modified, set in 925 silver hand-made 9.80 gram

Los-Referenznummer 10416037
Set of a Brooch with natural yellow amber & earrings. Not pressed, not modified, set in 925 silver hand-made 9.80 gram

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Natural Baltic Amber & silver 925, manual work, brooch size: 3 3 x 24 mm and weight of 9.06 grams, earrings: 0,74 grams

Typ: Brosche, Ohrringe
Material: Bernstein, Silber
Feingehalt des Materials: 925
Geschlecht: Damen

Handmade brooch yellow bound in silver 925, silver-studded attempts Polish office attributes and measures.
Certificate of Authenticity added to brooches. Tested with uv light.
Not modified, not pressed not cracked. natural Baltic Amber.
Earrings : diameter 4,80mm
weight earrings : 0,74
The width and height: 33x24 mm
weight: 9.06 grams
total weight : 9,80 grams
Material: Baltic amber yellow and silver 925
Goods will be sent immediately after receiving information from the authorization of the payment.
Parcels sent by mail Polish with traceability, insured against theft.
Delivery time in Europe is 10-15 days, while in Asian countries 15-45 days, usually a much shorter delivery times, but it always depends on the courier.
I wish you a successful auction. A rare object worthy of interest.

Pl NaturBalticAmber  

Feedback-Punktebewertung: 89,5%
Anzahl der Bewertungen: 22
Mitglied seit: 14. Oktober 2016
  • Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.

    Liu10762 20. Oktober 2017

  • Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    It´s a fake

    mmica 4. Oktober 2017

    Reaktion des Verkäufers
    Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    The law you write with is false. You got the original Baltic amber ass, and the offense and your fraud is reported. writing such a comment you are a scammer because you got a full product !!!!
    Here is your humorous message:
    Hello, why is the dispute over the catawiki? Is there something you do not like about your order? Regards
    wrz. 30

    I ve,not received the order
    wrz. 30

    I sent a packet with a tracking number and a written receipt of the parcel. This evening I will try to find the package by the tracking number on the Internet. As soon as I know something about the parcel you will immediately write to the parcel. Regards and please do not worry we will definitely solve the problem.
    wrz. 30

    Are you living In Poland, isn´t? Do you need more than 2 weeks to send a little box?
    wrz. 30

    I've already sent you a package. immediately after payment. It was one day and not two weeks. The package was sent on 20.09.2017
    wrz. 30

    Escriba el número de envío en esta página y puede rastrear :
    wrz. 30

    You have paid 18 zlotys (4,17 euros) to send me a product bt Poland Mail with a weight of 6 grames and I pay 20 euros for it. Incredible.

    Dear Mr. Post on packages does not write insurance costs and the cost of the written delivery confirmation of the package is only written the main cost of shipping and not all the extras you have to pay not to pay and it is only amazing. I hope you understand . I greet you and wish you a nice day. If you have questions please contact me.

    Sorry I don´t understand it. You are paid less than 5 euros but I pay to you 20 euros. Please could you return to me 15 euros? Thanks

    So now I have to pay for shipping as I give 15 euros? I had to pay 20 euros for shipping. The post has only the main cost per package. I send with insurance and written confirmation and I also have to pay for it, and the post will not write it on the package. The whole package with insurance, confirmation of the purchase of stamps etc comes out around 20 euros.

    This is not the first time you do so. I´ll write to Cata to return your poor product. Fake Poland!
    You see what the culture of man! You just showed it here!
  • Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    The seller is very kind and correct. The parcel was lost by the Post and he sent a new item. The brooch is nice and the seller is an honest person.

    Erbagatta 1. August 2017

  • Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    Stuk amber was niet als beschrijven en foto ook niet ! Verkoper laat weten om een vergroot glas te gebruiken om de insect te zien ! Nog steeds geen geld refund ! Niet te vetrouwen !!

    Phillgeraghty 2. Mai 2017

    Reaktion des Verkäufers
    Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    A piece of amber has been accurately described and with no error photographed you have got amber like auctioned exactly the same with inclusions and insects. For balancing the contract I got a negative, unless something is not playing with your opinion. Amber is insect proof and inclusions with free shipping, and you wanted me to return the money because I do not like amber very suddenly. May at least such merchants be auctioned. First of all super and later I have to give money that I did not even get and it looks like it does not get and you want to get free insect in the amber you got and I paid not only received in exchange for this negative comment. I am very sorry for that.
  • Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    40€ pour expédier 17 grammes sous enveloppe non recommandée.
    Le vendeur dit que c'est le cout du carburant pour aller à la poste, l'enveloppe, l'emballage et l'adressage.
    Vendeur à éviter !

    jipial 28. März 2017

    Reaktion des Verkäufers
    Achtung: Einige Teile dieser Seite wurden automatisch übersetzt.
    The buyer does not cite exactly the description of the auction and still wants to buy everything for free and best to pay him to the item. If you want to buy something almost for free then do not look for this on the catawiki only please buy a fake but somewhere else. Shipping costs, weight description were clearly presented for the goods offered, I am sorry that you suddenly do not match the cost of shipping, which you knew in advance. These unfounded opinions have yet to be put out because they know that they will buy me authentic amber with a certificate, which is also included in the cost because no one will give me this free.Each knows that my amber is worth the price and shipping and does not buy fakes from Low price !!! I wish the shipping costs get a negative comment, Regards and as I would know it did not sell I would never my myths would be as low as those buyers! ! ! Tragic buyer !!! If it does not fit then please return the amber and I will give you money!

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