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Davide Cocozza - Adamo ed Eva. Esemplare originale della artista non numerato.

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Davide Cocozza - Adamo ed Eva. Esemplare originale della artista non numerato.

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Mixed Media, Siebdruck/ Serigraphie - Handsigniert - Originalkopie des Künstlers, nicht nummeriert. (prestigeträchtige Ausgabe) - 2019

Künstler: Davide Cocozza
Titel des Kunstwerks: Adamo ed Eva. Esemplare originale della artista non numerato.
Technik: Mixed Media, Siebdruck/ Serigraphie
Signatur: Handsigniert
Jahr: 2019
Periode: 2010-heute
Ausgabe: Originalkopie des Künstlers, nicht nummeriert. (prestigeträchtige Ausgabe)
Zustand: neu
Bildgröße: 200×132 cm
Verkauf mit Rahmen: Nein




Davide Cocozza is an Italian artist, teacher of pictorial, graphic and stage disciplines, art therapist and art curator. He lives among Bari, Pescara, Milan and Rome. He was born in Bari on 16 November 1982 and attended the Giuseppe De Nittis high school in Bari; at the age of 17 he moved to Rome to graduate in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Via di Ripetta with a mark of 110 cum laude; in the LATIUM REGION he obtained the qualification of museum operator with internships at the NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART and other galleries; after the academy he attended the master in Art therapy, Methods and Techniques of Intervention at LA LIBERA UNIVERSITA' DELLA SANTISSIMA MARIA ANNUNZIATA IN ROME, and he became an art therapist with an internship at the OSPEDALE PEDIATRICO BAMBINO GESU' IN ROME; later he moved to Frosinone to qualify as a teacher for the subject PICTORIAL, GRAPHIC AND STAGE DISCIPLINES at the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone; he started his teaching career in Penne, in Abruzzo, at the Mario De Fiori art school; later he would teach at Liceo Classico Gabriele D’Annunzio in Pescara, at the ITIS DA VINCI OF BORGOMANERO, and currently at the Edgardo Simone art school in Brindisi. Highlights: the artistic direction of the painting section of the Marte live event in Rome; the organisation of more than 1,000 events including the artistic direction and management of SAVE BIENNALE in Pescara and POP CON 2019 (international exhibition of pop and conceptual art), both made at the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART VITTORIA COLONNA OF PESCARA; participation in over 100 solo and group exhibitions; including the solo exhibition “Santi miei e Gesti sacri” curated by Cesare Manzo at the Cesare Manzo Gallery in Pescara; the numerous collaborations with the world of art, cinema and entertainment, such as the collaboration with the ARTIST FRANCO SUMMA in the project “Questa città è la mia città”; with the director VICTOR PEREZ in the realisation of some artistic and stage elements for the film ANOTHER LOVE; with the AltaModa Iacobuccyounes company in the production of various clothing and fashion items; and many others; participation and victory in international art exhibitions such as the PREMIO D’ANNUNZIO AND BIBART art biennial exhibition in Bari; and over 500 works acquired by collectors and private individuals, museums and galleries all over the world, from Dubai to Los Angeles, Mexico City, Berlin, Paris, from Grenoble to Rome, Venice, Milan and others; including the University of Tokyo and the Lady Diana Foundation.

His art spreads among all the different media; from traditional painting to acrylic and oil painting, to digital art and performance. He prefers painting on surfaces such as wrapping paper, handmade paper by the Amalfi paper mill; the paint is used with delicacy, very soluble, until it flows; it often becomes “dripping”; gestural and “scribbled”, primitive and childish. Precise and clear gestures outline harmonious faces in contrast with other sharp and free gestures, that make figures slimmer as if they were being “formed” or “created”; the shapes are formed as in a process that goes from the sketch to the finished work on the same support; the subjects are mostly female, models, friends, inspirations seen around. However, in the performance the artist searches for himself in an instinctive and free action; art lays things bare, he says, and really strips with the model in the search for the true mark, the present moment and in the awareness of the moment when the fact takes place. Performance becomes a pictorial or life gesture that seeks its meaning. A dance that begins and ends in an emotion, which becomes its work. Other approaches, however, like installations or design works are revealed as experimental paths and shapes of free and conceptual expression on different surfaces: town, walls, spaces. In the mix media and digital art works he performs the realisation of the idea and the representation of concept, space, shape, interpretation. He consciously chooses to give a magical and mysterious look, elegant and untouched. States of awareness follow each other along with drunken shapes of nature, intoxicated by the existence, illuminated by life and light.
He has a daughter. Sofia Bianca Piuma Cocozza, with whom he has a beautiful relationship, born like her father on 16 November but in 2013, with whom he started a great and original artistic path, set on gesture, emotions and expression; like her father, Sofia Bianca Piuma Cocozza displayed a work in the international exhibition of pop and conceptual art POPCON 2019 at the MODERN art museum VITTORIA COLONNA OF PESCARA, becoming the youngest ITALIAN artist in the exhibition who exhibited in a modern art museum.
On the Italian scene, he is one of the most important exponents of figurative art and contemporary performance art.

It cocozzadavide  

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